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Disney employee: I was fired for reporting harassment

A 41-year-old former Walt Disney archivist is suing the company in California court for allegedly retaliating after he reported sexual harassment. The man claims that Disney has effectively ousted him from many professional opportunities because they have publicly defamed his character. While Disney claims that the suit is without merit, the man has filed claims for more than $75,000 in lost wages and benefits.

Social media causes HR headaches

Like it or not, modern social networking technology is invading today's workplace. As a result, human resources professionals are finding themselves with their fingers in the proverbial dams associated with the burgeoning options for perpetuating problems such as sexual harassment. Now, workers can create a hostile work environment that exists entirely in the virtual realm, thanks to the increasingly sophisticated and mobile nature of technological devices and platforms.

Woman files lawsuit against California trucking company

A woman who had been a dispatcher at a freight company has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer. In her lawsuit, the woman alleges that she was encouraged to flirt with customers, send suggestive electronic messages and perform other undignified acts to build business contacts. She had previously been employed by California Refrigerated Express, Inc., according to the complaint.

Ex-Warriors employee sues team, player for harassment

The former director of community relations for the Golden State Warriors is suing one of the team's players for alleged harassment. She has also named two co-executive chairmen, a general manager, and a human resources director in the lawsuit, saying the team did not protect her against harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination. Other charges were listed as well.

Sexual harassment in the workplace: Not only women are suffering

California employees may be interested to know that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and other agencies have reported that the volume of sexual harassment claims filed has declined. Almost 16,000 claims were filed for sexual harassment in the workplace in 1997, whereas less than 12,000 were filed in 2010. That is 26.3 percent less.Interestingly, while sexual harassment claims have been declining overall, reports indicate that there has been a rise in the incidents of men filing such claims. Claims filed by men in 1997 totaled 11.6 percent of all claims, whereas men accounted for 16.4 percent of all claims in 2010. In a recent Florida case, an assistant chef at a restaurant in Boca Raton filed a sexual harassment claim describing the frequent abuse he was forced to experience from other restaurant employees. The man was told by other staff that he should simply take the abuse on the chin, which he did for a long time in order not to lose his job. This abuse also apparently included physical threats.

Sexual harassment in the workplace often kept quiet

Under California law, anyone that feels they are experiencing harassment in the workplace is entitled to seek compensation and protection in their place of employment. Since the passage of the 1991 Civil Rights Act, this legislation has lead to more people assuming the courage required to speak out against their employer when sexual harassment in the workplace occurs. However, there are fewer complaints filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and that number is steadily dropping.

Former officer turns employment law on its head in California

Race discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace abounds throughout California and everyone must be diligent to safeguard their rights. Sexual harassment and racial discrimination can even take the form of a supervisor giving promises in exchange for sexual favors. Or, in some cases, it could be when a supervisor threatens consequences if sexual favors are not provided. In other cases, racial discrimination may present itself as a false accusation of sexual harassment. In fact, harassment and employment law cases can be so complicated that sometimes it's difficult to determine who is the one being discriminated against.

Sexual harassment suit filed against fitness center

Nearly everyone would agree that a workplace should be a comfortable place to work, not an environment ripe with derogatory and discriminating commentary. Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace does take place all too frequently, often leading to employees feeling intensely uncomfortable while they are simply trying to perform their job. That may have been the case for one California man, who has filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging that he was the victim of sexual harassment.

Vacaville man charges retaliation by former employer

When you bring problems that occur in the workplace to your employer's attention, you expect that your concerns will be heard and acknowledged. Unfortunately, as one man from Vacaville discovered, that is not always the case. Retaliation for voicing workplace issues is a serious problem in California and across the nation.

Harassment, ignored complaints lands SDPD in court

A female detective who worked at the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) for over 20 years as a 'sex crimes' detective has sued her former employer for sexual discrimination, harassment and age discrimination. The California lawsuit names the SDPD and four of the woman's supervisors and ex-workers. She complains of various forms of sexual harassment in the workplace, including inappropriate actions and comments. The harassment is said to have escalated in 2009.

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