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Teacher who did porn loses employment appeal

Educators walk a fine line between their personal and private lives. Teachers' extracurricular activities can have a direct impact on their profession, especially when administrators disapprove of previous job choices.

Veterans Home worker files retaliation claim

A former employee of the Veterans Home of California has filed a civil suit against the organization in Napa County Superior court. The woman, who had worked at the group's Yountville facility, is alleging retaliation and sexual harassment among a list of other violations, according to courtroom documents.

Woman sues to expose family court shortcomings

A mediator for Family Court Services has decided to sue the Nevada County Superior Court, alleging that she suffered from wrongful termination when she blew the whistle on unethical practices within the state's legal administration. The woman is seeking compensation for lost wages and emotional distress, according to legal documents.

Indian Wells officials protest wrongful firing result

The city of Indian Wells is in the process of challenging a wrongful termination settlement that was made by First Foundation Bank to a former employee. The city says that the settlement was too small, considering that the man could have received more than $5 million in potential damages, while the bank only paid him about $400,000. The banker had not specified a sought amount of damages in connection with the suit.

Woman files lawsuit against California trucking company

A woman who had been a dispatcher at a freight company has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer. In her lawsuit, the woman alleges that she was encouraged to flirt with customers, send suggestive electronic messages and perform other undignified acts to build business contacts. She had previously been employed by California Refrigerated Express, Inc., according to the complaint.

Reserve officer says he was fired for blowing whistle

A former law enforcement officer in Contra Costa County says his employment has been terminated because he stepped forward to protest unethical police department policies. The man, who blew the whistle on sheriff's deputies who were conducting "dirty" DUI arrests, was fired earlier this month after 19 years as a reserve officer in the local sheriff's unit.

Muslim woman sues Disney over hijab

A Muslim woman who formerly worked for Disney is alleging that the company wrongfully terminated her employment agreement because of her religious beliefs and her ethnicity. The 28-year-old woman has filed a federal lawsuit because of the reported discrimination and harassment.

Kleiner seeks venue change for sex case

A venture-capital firm from Silicon Valley has appealed a decision from a California judge that would have permitted a sexual harassment case to remain in the courts instead of moving to an arbitration proceeding. The firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, is a technology group based in the high-tech area in California.

Domino's corporate faces sexual harassment suit

An appellate court in California has ruled that Domino's Pizza can be held responsible as a corporation for sexual harassment perpetuated by franchise owners. A lower court had previously held that the food service giant could not be sued in relation to a recent case.

Solano County disability advocates violate EEOC hiring rules

An agency that provides services to disabled individuals has gotten itself in trouble by violating equal opportunity employment laws. The group, based out of Solano County, was accused of discrimination by a job applicant whose employment offer was rescinded after agency leaders found out that her hand was partially paralyzed.

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