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Misconduct takes place every day in the American workplace. These violations might never come to light were it not for the courage of whistleblowers.

Employees who speak out against wrongdoing deserve our respect and admiration. They deserve to be rewarded, not punished.

You Don’t Have To Choose Between Saving Your Career And Doing The Right Thing

As a whistleblower, you are entitled to protection under state and federal law. Your employer cannot retaliate against you for:

  • Reporting misconduct
  • Acting as a witness
  • Cooperating with an investigation

If you were fired, demoted or treated unfairly because you exposed misconduct in the workplace, contact the employment law attorneys at Perkins Asbill in Sacramento, California. We stand up for employees who do the right thing. Whether you are in the private or public sector, your rights matter. We can help you enforce your rights without sacrificing your career.

You shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of your employer’s wrongs. Let us help you pursue whistleblower protection.

Our lawyers are allies for employees who report unlawful employment practices such as:

You don’t need to prove that your employer actually committed misconduct. The crux of a whistleblower claim is simply that you were punished because you reported suspicious activity. We know how to present the evidence necessary for showing this direct link.

We also handle qui tam cases — a type of whistleblower claim involving misconduct that impacts the federal government.

We Will Fight For You

At Perkins Asbill, we believe your livelihood is worth fighting for. Benefit from our legal team’s 30-plus years of experience protecting the rights of employees. Call 916-520-1417 to arrange a confidential consultation.