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California employment law is strict about overtime. If your position qualifies for overtime, you are entitled to time-and-a-half pay for work beyond the normal eight-hour workday or 40-hour workweek. In some instances, you may even be entitled to double your normal pay.

Who Is Entitled To Overtime?

Whether you qualify for overtime depends on your job — not whether you are paid on an hourly or salaried basis. Certain positions are exempt from overtime requirements. Examples include executives, professionals in certain fields, most government workers and union employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement. If your job does not fit within one of the exemptions, you are entitled to overtime.

Have You Been Wrongfully Denied Overtime?

Employers sometimes try to save money by refusing to pay overtime. There are various ways they might violate state and federal overtime law. Perhaps your employer misclassified your job as an exempt position when, in fact, your job is nonexempt. Perhaps you are told to clock out before working extra hours; or maybe your employer doesn’t keep track of your hours. Perhaps your employer gives you “comp time” instead of overtime pay. Or maybe your employer fails to compensate you for work-required travel.

Any of these scenarios might be overtime violations.

Protecting Your Right To Fair Compensation

Do you suspect you have been wrongfully denied overtime pay? Talk to us before filing a claim with the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE). At Perkins Asbill, an employment law firm in Sacramento, we represent employees in overtime pay disputes. Our clients include hourly and salaried workers across many industries.

We believe you have the right to fair compensation in accordance with the law. We can help you enforce your right to overtime pay. You might be entitled to additional compensation as a penalty against your employer. Our lawyers can evaluate your outlook based on your job situation.

To speak with our attorneys during a confidential consultation, please call 916-520-1417 or contact us online.