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On-call for work? Know these pay points

Many professions come with the need to be on-call for work sometimes. This means that you might not have to go in for a shift, but you need to be ready if you are called. Different employers have different requirements for on-call shifts. These requirements can have an impact on whether you should be paid for the time you are on-call or not.

Know your rights pertaining to wage and hour law

Getting the pay you deserve shouldn't be something that takes a battle. Instead, you should be able to count on your employer to pay you what you are due. Unfortunately, there are some employers out there who don't do this. When you're faced with issues with your pay, you need to take action to get your rightful wages. This can be as easy as approaching the employer or as complex as having to file a formal complaint and lawsuit.

California pay laws are complex and comprehensive

The laws regarding paydays in California are complex, so many employees don't fully understand them. There are a few different points that anyone who is working in this state must be aware of since they can have a big impact on how pay is handled.

You have a right to the pay you work hard for

Most people find a job because they need to have an income to pay for the things that they need. Almost nobody works just because they think it is fun. With this in mind, you can see why it is important for employers to pay employees for the time they work.

Familiarize yourself with California's wage and hour laws

When you accept a job offer, you are counting on the employer to pay you and do things in accordance with the applicable laws. The employer is expecting you to perform the job duties for which you are hired.

Salaried employees must think about all pay docks

Salaried employees work hard for their paychecks. They count on the amount to remain consistent so that they can pay their bills and get things taken care of. When salaried employees find out that their pay is being docked, they might question whether this is legal or not.

When are meal breaks required in California?

Humans need to eat to survive, so it is understandable that people will need to take breaks to eat during a shift at work. California law sets very specific requirements for employers so that employees can eat while they are at work.

When should employees get final pay in California?

One of the primary concerns of an employee who is terminated or who quits is when they are going to get their final pay. This is something that has a lot of misinformation out there; however, California laws are pretty specific on when employees who are terminated or quit must be paid.

Minimum wage and overtime laws in California

California has progressive minimum wage and overtime laws that ensure workers receive a fair wage, and bonus compensation when they work beyond the usual hours of a workday. Here's what the law says you're required to receive -- at a minimum -- as an hourly wage earner in California:

Missed worker breaks costs CA company $2.9 million

Fighting for your rights takes courage. Just because federal and California state laws lay out some basic standards for proper and fair compensation for workers, holding employers accountable to those standards can be a challenge. Employers may vary under the different jurisdictional levels. While that might explain when violations occur, it does not excuse them.

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