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At-will laws don't allow discriminatory terminations

Many people think that because California is an at-will employment state that they don't have any recourse if they are terminated. While this is true in many cases, there are exceptions to an employer's right to terminate employees.

There are specific reasons why an employee can't be let go. These are all based on harassment or discrimination for protected statuses. These include things like race or gender. They also can't let an employee go if the worker blows the whistle on illegal activities within the company.

We know that there are many people in California who might be questioning whether their termination was lawful or not. The short answer is that if you can prove you were dismissed because of a protected status, you have a wrongful termination claim. This isn't always easy to prove, but we will work hard to show your side of the matter if you were let go for an illegal reason.

A wrongful termination has many impacts on the worker. You might find that it is hard to land a new job because you don't have your former employer to list as a reference. This can leave a big hole in your resume and might be a red flag for some employers. You may have difficulties paying your bills due to the lack of income.

You do have specific rights when it comes to your employment. We are here to help you assert those rights when you need to. Ensuring that you are taking the right steps within the allowed time limits is important, so we will help you with this when you contact us.

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