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How should your employer deal with your disability?

Finding a job is not easy for many people, and if you have a disability, you may struggle even more than most. You may have the appropriate education, adequate experience and the necessary skills to succeed at the job you want. Nevertheless, getting potential employers to look past your disability may be a challenge.

Severance agreement terms vary greatly

The conditions of a severance agreement are often up for negotiation. When you are working to determine whether you should accept one or not, you should carefully consider each term that is being presented to you. These can vary greatly, so don't base your decision off what someone else got in theirs.

At-will laws don't allow discriminatory terminations

Many people think that because California is an at-will employment state that they don't have any recourse if they are terminated. While this is true in many cases, there are exceptions to an employer's right to terminate employees.

3 bills address sexual harassment in California workplaces

The laws in California enable people to hide sexual harassment that occurs in the workplace. This is, in part, due to nondisclosure agreements that often come with settlements. A set of bills that go into effect on January 1, 2019, will make it a bit harder for people to hide these incidents.

Wage and hour laws are here to protect employees

You need to get the money that is due you for the time you put in at work. While many employers take pride in paying their employees fairly, others look for any option they have to add even a few cents to their own pockets. When you think that you are being shorted on your pay, you should take the time to explore how wage and hour laws might impact your case.

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