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Meal breaks are required for most employees in California

The human body isn't meant to work constantly. People who are working need to be able to rest for a little bit. They also need to eat. The Labor Code in California sets specific standards for employers so that employees know they can take care of these basic needs.

Sexual harassment complaints can come from witnesses

Being sexually harassed at work can mean more than just someone touching you in a sexual manner. In fact, many instances of sexual harassment are verbal. This can make the entire workplace uncomfortable. They are all completely unacceptable. We realize that a hostile work environment has a negative impact on you.

Your job should be waiting for you after a deployment

Whether you are in the reserves, are subject to recall by the U.S. Armed Forces or face the potential of the National Guard calling you into service, you may have received orders deploying you for a significant amount of time. You know that you must do your duty, but you wonder whether your civilian job will be waiting for you when you return.

Wrongful termination comes after participation in a protected act

You probably never go into a shift at work thinking that it is going to be your last unless you've turned in your notice that you're leaving the job. For some people, the unexpected loss of a job happens while they are just trying to get their work done. There are protections for workers who are wrongfully terminated, but this doesn't apply to all cases.

Pay discrepancies must be handled swiftly so you have your money

You deserve the pay that you are due for the hours that you worked. Unfortunately, some employers want to make as much money as they can, even if it means that they short their employees' pay. We understand that you might want to just get your money and not have to battle with your employer.

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