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When should employees get final pay in California?

One of the primary concerns of an employee who is terminated or who quits is when they are going to get their final pay. This is something that has a lot of misinformation out there; however, California laws are pretty specific on when employees who are terminated or quit must be paid.

Unpaid leave is possible for childbirth and other incidents

Employees aren't robots, so employers shouldn't expect them to be able to work every shift without having any issues. Things like illnesses, pregnancies, adoptions and sick children come up. This is where the Family and Medical Leave Act comes into the picture.

Summary judgment reversed in wrongful termination case

A woman who was employed as the manager at Barnes & Noble located on the campus of the West Valley-Mission Community College in Saratoga from 2002 to 2010, has was determined to have been wrongfully terminated. She worked before that for the company for another 15 years in various jobs.

Minimum wage and overtime laws in California

California has progressive minimum wage and overtime laws that ensure workers receive a fair wage, and bonus compensation when they work beyond the usual hours of a workday. Here's what the law says you're required to receive -- at a minimum -- as an hourly wage earner in California:

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