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June 2013 Archives

OSHA whistleblower nets more than $1M for firing

A California man is receiving a $820,000 payout from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after he was illegally reprimanded for being a whistleblower. The man was reportedly fired after two years of administrative leave that he was prohibited from working.

Wrongful termination trial hinges on sex scandal

A sex scandal that raced through the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District is slated for a rehash during a wrongful termination civil suit. The captain of the force alleges he was fired for reporting misconduct, including multiple on-the-job sexual acts. The man had also advocated for criminal investigations into sodomy and rape, among others crimes.

Chivas coaches file suit for wrongful firing

Two former coaches at a Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise in California are suing the team for wrongful termination after they were allegedly fired because of their race. The men claim their employment was terminated because they are not Latino, even though they are former pros who had been on the U.S. national team. The men filed their suit in Los Angeles County in late May.

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