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March 2013 Archives

Film Commission Under Fire for Whistleblower Termination

A Film Commission worker in San Francisco, California, may seek legal recourse after she was wrongfully terminated. The woman, who was a permit issuer for the government group, said she was discriminated against as a whistleblower; she had reported misdeeds within her department, which she claims ultimately led to her employment termination.

Medi-Cal Worker Alleges Sexual Harassment

A former employee of the public health plan that administers Medi-Cal in Ventura County, California, is suing her employer for retaliation and wrongful termination. The woman was reportedly subjected to a hostile work environment during her tenure at Gold Coast Health Plan, according to the suit, which alleges that the organization's CEO made sexual advances without the woman's consent.

Disney employee: I was fired for reporting harassment

A 41-year-old former Walt Disney archivist is suing the company in California court for allegedly retaliating after he reported sexual harassment. The man claims that Disney has effectively ousted him from many professional opportunities because they have publicly defamed his character. While Disney claims that the suit is without merit, the man has filed claims for more than $75,000 in lost wages and benefits.

Caucasian employee alleges racial discrimination

Our national perception of racism generally involves a Caucasian supervisor wrongfully firing an employee of another ethnicity. An increasing number of racial discrimination suits are making their way into California courts that show a different face of wrongful termination. The newest case involves a white woman who alleges that her Filipina hospital supervisor in Daly City conspired to get her wrongfully fired.

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