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January 2013 Archives

Lucasfilm termination suit likely headed to Supreme Court

A controversial employment law case involving prominent film company Lucasfilm has taken yet another legal turn as the wrongful termination suit was remanded to a lower court for further consideration. The plaintiff's attorneys are seeking review from the California Supreme Court in the case, which involves a woman who was allegedly fired from her job because she was pregnant.

Teacher who did porn loses employment appeal

Educators walk a fine line between their personal and private lives. Teachers' extracurricular activities can have a direct impact on their profession, especially when administrators disapprove of previous job choices.

School worker claims retaliation after reporting 'gun show'

Sensitive issues thrive in the modern American educational environment. Principals and other administrative staff are charged with protecting their school's students, though they are not always ethical in their efforts. One former employee of the Pierce Joint Unified School District in Arbuckle, just north of Sacramento, claims that he was forced from his job after discovering that school officials permitted a gun show on campus. The whistleblower filed the claim in district court on Dec. 19, 2012, according to official documents.

J-Lo's extortion suit against former employee dismissed

Celebrities and high-ranking corporate officials are often the subject of wrongful termination suits. Some entertainment and business big-wigs are less likely to consider their employees' rights, ignoring wage laws and other workplace protection guidelines.

Dillard's to pay $2 million for disability violations

Major retailer Dillard's will be required to pay more than $2 million in connection with a sick-leave policy that reportedly violated employee rights. Several workers were fired because of their refusal to abide by the store policy, which required the submission of private medical information before employees could use sick leave. They had filed wrongful termination suits in connection with the incidents, largely because of retaliation they experienced for protesting the policy.

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