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November 2012 Archives

Wal-Mart workers strike over workplace conditions

Just prior to Black Friday, several Southern California Wal-Mart warehouse workers walked out on their jobs in protest of unsafe working conditions, low pay and lack of benefits. Some employees allege that they have faced retaliation because they planned to strike.

Woman fired for asking to use breast pump

A woman who was employed by the Carmelo School has filed a wrongful termination suit against the organization and the area school district, claiming that she was not accommodated as a new mother and was fired for pumping breast milk. The woman has not announced how much money she is seeking in connection with the incidents, during which administrators told her that she was not permitted to pump her breast milk.

JPL employee unlikely to get relief in termination case

Initial reports out of Los Angeles County show that a judge will likely side with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in a high-profile wrongful termination case. The case hinges upon a claim that the facility fired a worker because he attempted to promote intelligent design at work. The man, a computer designer who was integral in the network development for the Cassini mission, attempted to promote his intelligent design philosophy by distributing DVDs. He also created and maintained a website devoted to the philosophy.

Professor sues school for violating whistleblower laws

A former department chairman's lawsuit will remain under consideration by California courts despite attempts by the California Northstate University College of Pharmacy to have the case dismissed. The man alleges that he was terminated from his position at the school because of his whistleblower activities.

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