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October 2012 Archives

Veterans Home worker files retaliation claim

A former employee of the Veterans Home of California has filed a civil suit against the organization in Napa County Superior court. The woman, who had worked at the group's Yountville facility, is alleging retaliation and sexual harassment among a list of other violations, according to courtroom documents.

Social media causes HR headaches

Like it or not, modern social networking technology is invading today's workplace. As a result, human resources professionals are finding themselves with their fingers in the proverbial dams associated with the burgeoning options for perpetuating problems such as sexual harassment. Now, workers can create a hostile work environment that exists entirely in the virtual realm, thanks to the increasingly sophisticated and mobile nature of technological devices and platforms.

School counselor fired over decades-old pictures

A well-known guidance counselor in New York City has decided to file a suit against the Department of Education for wrongful termination. She was reportedly fired because racy photos surfaced on the Internet that dated back to her modeling career. The woman stopped modeling more than 17 years ago, according to statements from her legal team.

Braun accused of sexual harassment

Braun Electric has come under fire after charges of hostile work environment practices surfaced at the Bakersfield-based company. Braun provides electrical services for companies throughout California's San Joaquin Valley, according to local reports. The company has recently become the subject of legal complaints filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, according to local media reports.

Woman sues to expose family court shortcomings

A mediator for Family Court Services has decided to sue the Nevada County Superior Court, alleging that she suffered from wrongful termination when she blew the whistle on unethical practices within the state's legal administration. The woman is seeking compensation for lost wages and emotional distress, according to legal documents.

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