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August 2012 Archives

Reserve officer says he was fired for blowing whistle

A former law enforcement officer in Contra Costa County says his employment has been terminated because he stepped forward to protest unethical police department policies. The man, who blew the whistle on sheriff's deputies who were conducting "dirty" DUI arrests, was fired earlier this month after 19 years as a reserve officer in the local sheriff's unit.

Muslim woman sues Disney over hijab

A Muslim woman who formerly worked for Disney is alleging that the company wrongfully terminated her employment agreement because of her religious beliefs and her ethnicity. The 28-year-old woman has filed a federal lawsuit because of the reported discrimination and harassment.

Kleiner seeks venue change for sex case

A venture-capital firm from Silicon Valley has appealed a decision from a California judge that would have permitted a sexual harassment case to remain in the courts instead of moving to an arbitration proceeding. The firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, is a technology group based in the high-tech area in California.

Whistleblower takes on Morgan Stanley

A former risk management officer at Morgan Stanley has filed a suit against the company, alleging that the company violated the Dodd-Frank Act, which makes it illegal for companies to retaliate against whistleblowers, by firing him in April. The man, who was employed by the firm's wealth management division, says his employment was wrongfully terminated because he was a whistleblower.

Female harvesters win sex harassment suit

A group of female tomato pickers who reported sexual harassment will receive a $150,000 settlement from their former employer, according to government reports. The women were part of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigation into unfair work practices at DiMare Ruskin, one of the nation's foremost producers of tomatoes.

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