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July 2012 Archives

Domino's corporate faces sexual harassment suit

An appellate court in California has ruled that Domino's Pizza can be held responsible as a corporation for sexual harassment perpetuated by franchise owners. A lower court had previously held that the food service giant could not be sued in relation to a recent case.

Solano County disability advocates violate EEOC hiring rules

An agency that provides services to disabled individuals has gotten itself in trouble by violating equal opportunity employment laws. The group, based out of Solano County, was accused of discrimination by a job applicant whose employment offer was rescinded after agency leaders found out that her hand was partially paralyzed.

Calif. councilman faces charges for alleged sexual harassment

In many sexual harassment cases in the workplace, those being harassed are hesitant to step forward for fear of losing their job. In other instances, even when an employee reports harassment to their supervisor, they are answered with inaction and disdain. Fortunately, with the help of legal recourse through criminal and civil courts, some victims are able to get justice.

San Onofre nuclear employees lack state worker shield

One of the nuclear industry's worst safety offenders is on the hook for more than just hazardous conditions at the facility. New information about the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station reveals that whistleblowers had attempted to reveal dangerous safety concerns at the facility as early as 2010. Their voices were not heard, though, because they feared retaliation.

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