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June 2012 Archives

Fire chief sues Stockton for religious discrimination

A former fire chief for the city of Stockton has filed a wrongful termination suit against the city, the city manager and the deputy city manager. The man claims that he was a victim of religious discrimination.

Woman sues California firm for alleged sexism

A California-based venture capital firm has made a legal move to avoid addressing a discrimination suit brought by one of its partners. The suit alleges the woman dealt with ignored complaints about alleged sex discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

California coach says school fired him for being gay

An openly gay water polo coach in California says he lost his job because of his sexual orientation. The man has filed a wrongful termination suit against the school that fired him during the summer of 2011.

California janitor awarded $800,000 in sexual harassment claim

A California janitor that worked the night-shift received more than $800,000 because she had to endure continued sexual harassment by a supervisor, according to reports released in late May. The woman filed a sexual harassment suit two years ago in state court, alleging that her supervisor at ABM Industries persisted with unwanted sexual advances for years. He made inappropriate comments, grabbed the woman's body, exposed his genitals and threatened to fire the woman if she did not have oral sex with him. He is also accused of raping the woman in a storage closet.

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