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California teacher: Anti-Semitic talk shouldn't cost me my job

Can your government-based employer fire you because you decided to express your opinion? One California woman does not think so, and she is taking one of the nation's largest school districts to court to protest her termination.

Former police officer wins $1 million from LAPD in retaliation case

The city of Los Angeles has been told to pay an ex-police officer $1 million as part of a wrongful termination suit, according to information released earlier this month. The man's supervisors had been accused of retaliation after he reported a fellow officer for failing to pay tolls. That officer allegedly skipped out on tolls on the 91 Freeway for several months.

Travolta named in sexual harassment suit

Sexual harassment can occur in a variety of work environments, but individuals in California who provide private services in people's homes are even more at risk. Those people do not always enjoy the same corporate protection provided by large companies, even if other firms employ them. Sexual harassment claims are perhaps more easily dismissed among this population, primarily because evidence in these cases is strictly circumstantial.

California deputy claims he was fired over sexual orientation

A former sheriff's deputy in Merced County is alleging that the department is guilty of sexual harassment, contending that his supervisors fired him because he is gay. The man, who was hired on to the force in 2008, says he was continually harassed throughout his three-year stint as a deputy.

Countrywide whistleblower receives national accolades

Employees should be aware that it is illegal for their employers to retaliate against them for reporting ethical and financial violations occurring within the company. Although whistleblowers often face harassment and threats after submitting even anonymous complaints, one woman stood up for her beliefs and she has been rewarded by a prominent national organization as a result.

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