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April 2012 Archives

Election year? Hold your tongue at the office

This year is an election year and political tensions are running high. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on "the issues," but not everyone has the right to express those opinions. Although government workers are protected by federal regulations that govern free speech, many workers may not know that private employers can restrict political discussion entirely because of its potential to create a hostile work environment.

Former La Puente manager strikes settlement

A woman who formerly served as the city manager in La Puente, California struck a settlement with the mayor and city in a sexual harassment case. The lawsuit stemmed from the woman's employment with the city, which she left after only a year because she could no longer endure inappropriate actions and comments at the hands of the mayor.

Why some business leaders use retaliation

One of the main reasons California employees do not speak up about harassment, discrimination or other misconduct in the workplace is fear of retaliatory actions. This is where an employee is reprimanded or punished for simply calling attention to an injustice in the workplace. When this fear becomes so engrained in an employee's mind, they will overlook serious and illegal activity just to retain their job.

Many sexual harassment cases go unreported

According to authorities, one thing that might skew data about the prevalence of sexual harassment is the fact that not everyone reports it. Many times in these incidents, including cases of sexual harassment in the workplace, an individual might be afraid to speak out about it in fear of retaliation or might just figure that it is not a big deal.

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