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March 2012 Archives

False complaints can hurt credibility of true harassment grievances

Reports of inappropriate actions or comments in the workplace should be taken seriously. Failure to take prompt corrective action against this, or other forms of harassment, could subject an employee to a hostile work environment and leave the employer open for a lawsuit.

NASA employee cites wrongful termination

A scientist has filed a civil suit against NASA's California-based Jet Propulsion Laboratory claiming that his wrongful termination was based on discrimination for his religious orientation. The opening arguments kicked off in court just recently. The plaintiff in the case is a man that spent 15 years on a project called the Cassini Mission. This was a space exploration project by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The man claims that he was terminated for his belief in intelligent design.

California workers sue passenger train company

A number of both current and former employees at a popular passenger train company have accused the business of directly violating employment law by practicing racial discrimination. As a result, the slighted employees have brought a lawsuit forth, requesting compensation for the acts. This marks the second time that employees in California have introduced litigation against the company.

TV actress argues wrongful termination

Sacramento-area employees working at some of society's more traditional jobs are not the only ones that can be subjected to harassment, retaliation and even wrongful termination. Celebrities can face these outlawed practices as well.

Paso Robles police chief accused of sexual misconduct

For those who subscribe to the misguided notion that sexual harassment in the workplace is only committed by men, here is a story from Paso Robles, California that suggests otherwise.

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