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February 2012 Archives

How to treat a job dismissal during maternity leave

Employees in the Sacramento-area might be shocked to discover that there are still some companies who illegally fire female employees for taking maternity leave. With the concept of maternity leave and the perimeters surrounding it being well-documented, it is somewhat surprising that some managers choose to ignore this.

Alameda County official accused of sexual harassment

When someone wants to protect and serve the public, their job can be stressful enough because of the dangers involved. When a probation officer is subjected to sexual harassment and sexual assault, the job is that much harder. Fortunately for one woman, she did not put up with it.

California worker wins disability discrimination lawsuit

Discrimination can come in many forms, whether it is based on race, gender, age or sexual preference. A recent case involving disability discrimination has come to a fortunate end. A disabled juvenile hall corrections officer recently won a lawsuit against Orange County after claiming that he faced disability discrimination, retaliation and failure to prevent harassment.

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