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December 2011 Archives

Ex-Warriors employee sues team, player for harassment

The former director of community relations for the Golden State Warriors is suing one of the team's players for alleged harassment. She has also named two co-executive chairmen, a general manager, and a human resources director in the lawsuit, saying the team did not protect her against harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination. Other charges were listed as well.

Sexual harassment in the workplace: Not only women are suffering

California employees may be interested to know that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and other agencies have reported that the volume of sexual harassment claims filed has declined. Almost 16,000 claims were filed for sexual harassment in the workplace in 1997, whereas less than 12,000 were filed in 2010. That is 26.3 percent less.Interestingly, while sexual harassment claims have been declining overall, reports indicate that there has been a rise in the incidents of men filing such claims. Claims filed by men in 1997 totaled 11.6 percent of all claims, whereas men accounted for 16.4 percent of all claims in 2010. In a recent Florida case, an assistant chef at a restaurant in Boca Raton filed a sexual harassment claim describing the frequent abuse he was forced to experience from other restaurant employees. The man was told by other staff that he should simply take the abuse on the chin, which he did for a long time in order not to lose his job. This abuse also apparently included physical threats.

Merced County official accused of inappropriate behavior

Sexual harassment in the workplace is not tolerated under California law. An official in California's Merced County is expected to be facing at least a reprimand from the Board of Supervisors after an investigation into claims she had created a hostile work environment. The report was released to county administration in July and includes several employee accounts of inappropriate actions and comments by the official.The report says the official used foul language and made comments of a sexual nature to employees. Further, it detailed how the woman openly discussed her personal sex life in a way that made the employees she supervised feel extremely uncomfortable. The report goes on to say that the California official contributed to a hostile work environment by verbally abusing employees, which could make employees reticent to seek compensation from the county over emotional damages.

Sexual harassment in the workplace often kept quiet

Under California law, anyone that feels they are experiencing harassment in the workplace is entitled to seek compensation and protection in their place of employment. Since the passage of the 1991 Civil Rights Act, this legislation has lead to more people assuming the courage required to speak out against their employer when sexual harassment in the workplace occurs. However, there are fewer complaints filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and that number is steadily dropping.

California day school facing discrimination allegations

Workplace discrimination and wrongful terminations often go hand in hand. In California, these actions are illegal and courts often come down hard on those found guilty of perpetrating these offenses. Two such cases of alleged discrimination and wrongful termination are moving through the courts now and involve two former staffers who worked at the Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School in Foster City. Both have filed separate lawsuits, alleging age discrimination and wrongful termination.

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