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November 2011 Archives

Wrongful termination claim moves forward for executive chef

In California, there may be a legitimate cause for termination for employees. However, by that same token, there are cases where an employee is let go and that termination is a violation(s) of state or federal law. Such was the case when the Thunderbird Country Club let its executive chef go after the chef suffered a life-threatening illness. That same chef has now won a key ruling in his wrongful termination claim.

Former officer turns employment law on its head in California

Race discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace abounds throughout California and everyone must be diligent to safeguard their rights. Sexual harassment and racial discrimination can even take the form of a supervisor giving promises in exchange for sexual favors. Or, in some cases, it could be when a supervisor threatens consequences if sexual favors are not provided. In other cases, racial discrimination may present itself as a false accusation of sexual harassment. In fact, harassment and employment law cases can be so complicated that sometimes it's difficult to determine who is the one being discriminated against.

Inappropriate actions and comments alleged in reality show

Inappropriate actions and comments in the workplace can lead to a hostile work environment. Ignored complaints about sexual harassment further compound the emotional strain felt by victims of this kind of abuse. California residents should know that a longtime cast member of "Real World" claims two cast members raped her with a toothbrush during one of the show's filming sessions. Tonya Cooley sued Bunim/Murray Productions, MTV Network, and her alleged assailants on 14 causes of action in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Retaliatory discharge lawsuit filed against California bank

In California, reporting misconduct in the workplace should not lead to employment termination. When employees fear retaliatory actions for voicing their concerns, a hostile work environment can be created. On October 20 of this year, an ex-bank executive filed a lawsuit on the grounds that he had been the victim of a wrongful termination because of his reporting misconduct on a former city manager.

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