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Harassment, ignored complaints lands SDPD in court

A female detective who worked at the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) for over 20 years as a 'sex crimes' detective has sued her former employer for sexual discrimination, harassment and age discrimination. The California lawsuit names the SDPD and four of the woman's supervisors and ex-workers. She complains of various forms of sexual harassment in the workplace, including inappropriate actions and comments. The harassment is said to have escalated in 2009.

Sexual harassment in the workplace prompts cop to take action

It is difficult for many people to imagine going to work every day, only to face an increasingly hostile work environment. Nonetheless, people who suffer sexual harassment in the workplace face that very circumstance -- day in and day out. Sadly, sexual harassment is an all too common occurrence in California. Just recently, such a case arose at the San Diego Police Department.

Employment law advocacy results in $1 million for harassed women

Sexual harassment cases are not reserved for the corporate world. In fact, a vast number of people suffer sexual harassment in the workplace -- people in all walks of life, and in all manners of career. It doesn't matter whether you live in California or elsewhere in the country, sexual harassment does not discriminate.

Sexual harassment claim nets $3.3 million

Sexual harassment in the workplace in California is a terrible thing to endure. The harassment may be the result of inappropriate actions and comments, including comments of a sexual nature. A successful claim does not require sexual contact. Rather, it is enough that the victim proves the misconduct caused a hostile work environment, meaning the employee dreaded going to work or worried that he or she would be fired for not acceding to the abuser's requests.

Former California cop claims she was sexually harassed

History is rife with incidences of discrimination and persecution against women. And while it is now the year 2011, women are still often subject to sexual harassment in the workplace and gender discrimination that can lead to a hostile work environment.

Employment laws for sexual harassment leads to lawsuit in CA

Men and women involved in sexual harassment litigation often find that they face professional and social stigmas. Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace is an all too common occurrence. Recently, a California man won his first lawsuit in conjunction with his wrongful termination in association with sexual harassment. The man worked for the city of Atwater for around 16 years and told reporters that his situation has cost not only his job, but his family's reputation.

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