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Hostile work environment can lead to stress disorders

The effects of harassment in the workplace are not always confined to the work environment itself. In fact, people who experience a hostile work environment or suffer the inappropriate actions and comments of coworkers or employers often suffer undue stress as a result. In the case of one California woman, this stress necessitated a medical leave of absence.

Retaliatory discharge filed by UCSD diversity fundraiser

Charges of rampant discrimination rocked the University of California San Diego campus last year. The infamous "Compton Cookout," where Black History Month was mocked, made headlines all over the country. Additionally, the school has had problems with other racially charged incidents which has lead to heightened tensions on campus.

Sexual harassment in the workplace detailed in city report

Suffering sexual harassment in the workplace is embarrassing and disquieting. Comments of a sexual nature contribute to creating a hostile work environment in which no one in California or anywhere else, for that matter, should be forced to participate.

Ignored complaints of employee harassment settled for $750,000

It is expected that while you are working you will not be subjected to harassment and if you are your employer will put a stop to it. Sadly, it is often the case that complaints made by employees are not always taken seriously by their employers. Or worse, the employer is the one harassing the employee. Recently in California, a harassment case was settled for $750,000, after the workers involved continued to be discriminated against after filing a complaint.

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