Executive Compensation & Severance Agreements

Negotiation the Compensation Executives Deserve

In today's economy, employees - even upper-level executives - often have little leverage in the negotiation of executive compensation or severance agreements. While this may seem disheartening, it is all the more reason to make intelligent use of what leverage you have.

Lawyers at Perkins & Associates have represented top-level executives at Fortune 100 companies to mid-sized corporations in a wide range of industries, including health care, service and hospitality, telecommunications, and information technology. Having worked with executives at some of the largest companies in California and the world, our team has a proven ability to appreciate the value of your job and to advocate for the executive compensation or severance agreement you deserve.

The experienced employment law attorneys at our Sacramento offices offer sound legal advice and experienced representation in the negotiation of executive compensation packages and severance agreements. To learn how we can put our legal and industry-specific experience to work for you, please contact us today.

Complex Negotiations Require a Sophisticated Approach

During their more than two decades of legal experience our attorneys have developed a thorough understanding of the law and business practices that are necessary to successfully guide clients through the process of negotiating a fair and favorable agreement.

The advantage of hiring an attorney in this process is that you can rest assured that you have the loyal advice of a professional who has been through this process before and who will help you avoid potential pitfalls and simple mistakes that could lead to lost opportunities in the future.

Effective Guidance from a Firm with Corporate and Courtroom Experience

On a personal level, our lawyers speak the language of business. We are at home in the board room and in the court room. This dual familiarity with legal technicality and corporate culture enables us to be effective advocates for our clients in these negotiations and in any disputes that should arise. To discuss the benefits of having sound legal advice during executive compensation package or severance agreement negotiations, please contact our offices in Sacramento today.